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About Sally McPhail

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I am a translator from German into English, interpreter and language consultant, and I have a background in marketing of financial services. You must have been looking for a translator so I’ll tell you a bit more about what I do:

Translating texts and documents from one language into another is not only demanding in terms of vocabulary and sentence structure, what is almost as important is relaying the message, expression and style in the target language in such a way that it may be rendered very close to the original text whilst still being adapted to linguistic and cultural context.

German to English Translator

Sally McPhail, German to English Translator

The real skill of translating is rendering your message in such a way in the target language that it speaks to your target audience with the same vigour in its expression as the original did. Besides a high degree of linguistic skill, you need an extensive understanding of the appropriate usage in the two languages to do this.

How do I know if you are the right person to choose?

One important step is choosing a translator to work with who has experience in your area of work, expertise in using the vocabulary of your specific sector and the variety of language and language context to hand. You can get an initial idea of my key strengths and professional background from this website. I would be very happy to respond to any further question you may have.


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