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Translation is the discipline of rendering the written word from one language into another language. Languages differ from one another in terms of vocabulary, syntax and style and a good translation needs to take all of these components into account for it to read as if it had never been translated. The quality of a translation benefits from experience in the relevant subject area. Both specialist vocabulary and an understanding of the context are important prerequisites to achieving an accurate translation. Every client and every...

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Interpreting and language coaching

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Interpreting is the translation of the spoken word. Interpreting takes place in many different scenarios and it is important to take this into account when you are choosing an interpreter. Whereas an interpreter is mostly needed if your client has little or no understanding of the foreign language, language coaching can also offer a client, who has a reasonable understanding of the foreign language, the option to be coached in it. If you are preparing for an event with participants who speak different languages, it can make sense to have some...

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Proofreading and localisation

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Proofreading You may already have texts in English but are not really sure whether they really hit the mark with your target audience. Having your texts proofread, can give you the assurance that your text is linguistically and stylistically correct. Also proofreading can be useful for correcting contextual errors or potential misunderstandings before a text reaches its target audience. Localisation Regardless of the topic area, it can be helpful to adapt a text more specifically to the local context - a step further than a pure translation...

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