German Language Consultant

Key strengths

The main focus of my work as a translator is in marketing, financial services and legal translations. Over and above my degree as a translator (BA (Hons) Languages Interpreting and Translating), I also have a degree in Marketing (Master of Science) and worked for many years in financial services marketing.

Marketing & PR

Translations in Marketing & PR require particular strengths in expression and style. Here, too, to a large extent the message is communicated ‘between the lines’. Rendering of expression and style in a new linguistic and cultural context is key here.


Financial services

Meticulous attention to detail is just as important as a comprehensive understanding of the specialist vocabulary in the source and targets texts. The understanding of subject matter and context is crucial to achieving precise and high-quality translations.



Legal expression not only requires faithfulness and precision, it also has a style quite its own in each language. Legal translations not only need to take specific definitions of specific concepts in the legal text into account, they also have to render them in correct ‘legalese’.


General translation work

Many texts use everyday language and only use very limited specialist vocabulary. It is my job to mirror whatever style is presented to me in the source text in my translation.