German Language Consultant

Proofreading and localisation


You may already have texts in English but are not really sure whether they really hit the mark with your target audience. Having your texts proofread, can give you the assurance that your text is linguistically and stylistically correct. Also proofreading can be useful for correcting contextual errors or potential misunderstandings before a text reaches its target audience.


Regardless of the topic area, it can be helpful to adapt a text more specifically to the local context - a step further than a pure translation affords. Practical and cultural backgrounds, historical or cultural references and stylistic directions vary between different countries.

Texts written in US English should also be localised before use in the UK. Differences between US and British English can be significant and the use of American style often evoke a surprisingly negative reaction in the UK.

As is the case for translation, an understating relevant specialist areas is of benefit here - you can get an overview of my key strengths here.

Prices & terms and conditions

My fee for proofreading and localisation depends on factors such as the specialist area, level of difficulty and the extent to which the text needs to be worked on. A general press release requires less time for translation than a stylistically challenging marketing text, for example.

I would be happy to give you a quote with prices and timescale on request. I can often take on urgent translations at short notice and depending on the circumstances and I might charge an express rate.

All texts, documents and background information supplied are treated confidentially and not made available to third parties without your consent. I use the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s standard terms and conditions for freelance translators. I can send these on request.